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    We would like to thank our loyal patient, Miss Shortt, for taking the time to write a review of her treatment and experience at our Moseley Practice, and for consenting for us to publish it on our website. The review has been typed exactly as Miss Shortt has written it. We hope that it inspires others to seek dental treatment and to persevere with it:

    Gum disease and perseverance

    When I first came to Dr Handa’s dental practice, Aesthetics, I had severe gum disease – so bad in fact that my front tooth had fallen out on my birthday! My gums were swollen, red and inflamed and I had an extremely wobbly tooth next to the tooth thaty had fallen out, and that had to also be removed. That was back in November 2014.

    I hadn’t been to a dentist for approximately 10 years due to some bad experiences, but when your teeth start falling out it’s time to find a good one! I’m writing this article because on my last visit, a month ago, Dr Handa was so pleased with my progress that he asked me to put pen to paper to inspire those suffering with the same problem to persevere.

    Because now it’s a different story. Upon seeing my mouth last month, Dr Handa called to his assistant, “Angie, Angie, come and look at Belinda’s gums! Look all pink, no pockets!” When I looked up at him in surprise his eyes had welled up with tears of joy! Then he asked me to share my daily routine with you, the afflicted, and to say stick to it and you will succeed. So this is it:

    • In the mornings I brush my teeth and then gargle with mouthwash
    • Later in the day (either after lunch or dinner depending when you have time), I use the thickest interdental brush first (as I have lost a lot of teeth I have wide gaps to clean – you may not need the thickest)
    • Then I use the smaller interdental brush (half the size) to clean between the gaps again.
    • Then I floss with waxed floss, not the tape (I like the old style floss I find it get into gaps)
    • And finally I brush again using the colgate duraphat toothpaste Dr Handa prescribed

    That’s it! I have been doing that daily routine of cleaning twice since November 2014 until now. And finally, upon my last visit to the dental hygienist, who I also have seen regularly, my gums had no pockets of bacteria, have stopped receding and are pink. In fact I got zero after zero after zero when she inspected me last month, what joy! To be able to eat again without being in constant pain.

    My last little tip is to try and eat on both sides of your mouth as this stops any build up of food in one particular place, helping to reduce plaque and the build up of it.

    I hope my routine and perseverance will inspire anyone who reads this, as dentures and implants can never replace our second teeth, and you can change your destiny by taking 10 minutes a day to keep them in place and your gums healthy, so you don’t lose any like I have.

    Finally – thank you Dr Handa, for never giving up on me and encouraging me, and for your love of being an extremely good dentist. Anyone who cries with joy at the success of his patients is indeed an extremely good dentist!

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